Morgan James 07/06/2023
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Interior design styles are all about the current trends. You may have seen that there are many interior design styles you can choose from. In this article, we will tell you about some of them and show you how to make references for each one of them. We hope it can be helpful for you!

Interior Design Styles Retro Style

Retro style is a throwback to the past and has been around for a long time. This style brings back memories of the past, which is why it’s so popular in many countries. Retro interior design styles are very colorful, so if you want to make your home feel like it belongs in another era or country, this could be a good option for you.

Interior Design Styles Industrial Style

Industrial style is a type of design that uses elements from the industrial era. It can be characterized by exposed brick, wood, and steel. Industrial style is often used in lofts and warehouses where there are high ceilings and large open spaces. This interior design styles can also be used to create a vintage look by adding details like exposed pipes or high ceilings with wooden beams on top of them.

Rustic, Nautical, Garden Style

The rustic style is a style that is inspired by the natural world. It uses materials like wood, stone, and metal to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. This is a good choice if you want your home to look like it belongs in an old cabin in the woods!

The nautical style is based on seafaring traditions and also uses wood as its primary material. It’s great for those who love boating or sailing because it feels like you’re on board your own ship when you enter your new space!

Garden style takes inspiration from nature itself by incorporating plants into every aspect of design–from furniture pieces made out of bamboo stalks (or bamboo itself) to wall art depicting flowers or other forms found in gardens around the world.

Interior Design Styles Minimalist, Modern Style

Minimalist style is all about simplicity and functionalism. A minimalist interior design has a clean, uncluttered look. The decor is simple and elegant with few or no decorative elements at all (such as wall hangings or sculptures). Minimalist interiors are often bright and airy with white walls and floors, which make them feel spacious and open-plan.

Minimalism is also about using natural materials like wood or stone for floors instead of carpeting; opting for organic fabrics like cotton over synthetics; favoring open shelving over closed cabinets so you can see what’s inside them easily; not filling every available space with furniture leave some empty corners where you can sit down quietly by yourself to get work done without being interrupted by coworkers roaming around looking for somewhere quiet where they can do their own thing…

Interior Design Styles Bohemian, Eclectic Style

If you’re looking to create a space that’s unique and eclectic, this is the interior design style for you. The eclectic style is a mix of different styles, time periods, cultures, materials, and colors. It can be as simple as mixing modern furniture with vintage pieces or it could be more complex by combining several different styles in one room.

Elements of Eclectic Interior Design

Eclectic spaces are not just about mixing furniture from different eras; they also include artwork that varies in subject matter and style. You can add an African mask next to an abstract painting or have brightly colored artwork hanging alongside traditional landscapes. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from looking at Pinterest boards full of bohemian interiors it’s that there really are no rules!

French Country, Shabby Chic Style

French Country is a mix of French and English country styles, with lots of wood and stone. The decor is more formal than Shabby Chic, but not quite as formal as Traditional.

  • Colors: Warm neutrals like taupe, browns, and creams; earthy greens; beiges; rustic reds or blues (often in fabrics); light blues & greens for walls in bathrooms
  • Fabrics: Linens; cottons; natural fibers like wool & silk
  • Furniture: Chairs with rounded backs (like Windsor chairs) are a must! Also, look for lots of tables both low ones for serving meals and tall side tables for drinks or bookshelves above them


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our article on interior design styles. We know that there are so many different ones out there and we want to help you find the right one for your home! If you’re looking for more information on this topic or anything else related to home improvement, please feel free to contact us today.