Ford 22/06/2022

You must be able to move rapidly in today’s heated Whitby real estate market.

Many homes are selling quickly, with many offers and sales for more than half of the asking price. This is on top of dealing with paperwork, discussions, and looking for the best mortgage rate, not to mention the high financial stakes.

According to the Ontario Association of Realtors, the vast majority of home buyers and sellers work with a real estate agent: 89 percent of sellers and 88 percent of buyers. Jason Folk, a senior fellow at the Consumer Federation of Whitby, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization, says, “I would not buy or sell a house without an agent.”

The majority of agents are competent, according to Jason, but an experienced agent can help you unearth the minor nuances that can help you make the best offer or get the best deal when selling a home.

Real Estate

Working with a qualified real estate agent can help the process of buying or selling a home go much more smoothly. Before you sign up with the first real estate agent you discover, consider these five suggestions to make your search for the ideal real estate agent a bit easier.

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